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With their own swimming pool, these are two sunny contemporary 2-bedroom villas (88sqm/each) on two floors with views towards the islands of Kefalonia & Ithaca. Peaceful and stocked with modern conveniences, the villas are ideal for couples & families seeking confortable relaxation .

A small drive-way connects the villas with the provencial road . The villas are located near Ponti beach (400m) and Vassiliki village, which is the center of the southern part of the island. The wind has offer Vassiliki its fame to the windsufing community . They are close to the famous beaches of western part of Lefkas and a 15 minutes drive for Sivota’ s bay with its beautiful fish restaurants . Almost every day, small boats starts from Vassiliki’s port giving you the chance to visit Porto Katsiki, Egremni or Agiofili for swimming without wondering for the access or the parking . There is also a ferry to Kefalonia, if you want have an one day excursion or to extend your vacation there .

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